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Causes the computer to embroider

Release time:2018-8-31

First, during the pattern making process, the bottom line is too close to the edge of the object.

Second, the line used for the bottoming is too thin or the angle is wrong, and the fabric is not well fixed.

Third, in the production process due to repeated use of double-sided adhesive tape, the viscosity is reduced, unable to fix the fabric.

Fourth, when playing the plate, it should be as far as possible from the center to the periphery, so that it is more stable in the production process.

Fifth. Because the paper under the cloth is too thin, it does not lining up the fabric.

Sixth, due to the deterioration of the machine aging precision caused by the position, such as: the same batch of embroidered, some normal, some of the position.

Seven, the version should consider the overall rationality of the needle; if you do not take a single needle in one place, then go straight to a place far away from the single needle to embroider a large flower, and then return to use the needle to put that Single needles are wrapped, so walking is very common, it is not visible in the software, it changes on the embroidery machine;

Eight, increase the number of line changes, although it will reduce production efficiency, but the possibility of walking will be much reduced, see how you combine the two.

Nine, due to the fluff of the surface of the fabric caused by the position of the cloth, it is more obvious when patching on the flannel.

Ten, the embroidery machine pulls up the {cloth} paper strength just right, don't be too strong, otherwise it will be easy to change.